Photoshop 20

   Adobe has released a new version of Photoshop, namely version 20, the well-known photo editor that many journalists or other media creative artists have enjoyed using so far. Among the top new features, we have spotted a few that you might enjoy using. The first one to go on our list is the “advanced” version of the Content-Aware filling tool: lots of improvements have been made, especially when you need to remove some objects, parts or selected elements from a landscape photo.

   Another feature that really shines is the ability to open other images in Photoshop, insert them into a graphic work in progress and being able to adjust its size and position on the surface of the design template on the spot, without having to go to the Edit/Transform menu – this actually accelerates the workflow and it helps the users add more quality to the finished graphical product by using high-resolution graphical resources – there is no need to play around with the resize image options before inserting it into your project, all while you are guided to position it in specific areas, like the center of the screen with the help of markers.

   Suggested line markers is the new “tech” feature that will guide you to position that graphical element right where you want it, in the center or in a central position, or in a specific position related to other graphical elements similarly placed – for example, in the center between two other (already inserted images), or you can place the item at the same level of height. In Symmetry Mode, you get to design the same element in opposite sections:

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