Infuse 7.7 News

   Infuse 7.7 – the best media (video) player for Macs and iOS devices – introduces a significant enhancement with the introduction of Direct Mode, offering users of popular media servers like Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex a more seamless and efficient viewing experience. Direct Mode revolutionizes the connection between Infuse and these servers, providing several notable features: users can now benefit from native lists and collections directly from the server, enabling easy access to desired content with customizable order and arrangement.

   One of the key advantages of Direct Mode is its ability to facilitate blazing fast library browsing. Direct Mode operates on-demand, offering near-instantaneous access even to extensive libraries and categories. This is particularly beneficial for users dealing with large media collections, ensuring quick and efficient navigation.

   The home screen integration in Direct Mode is designed to pull in native lists from servers like Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex. Users can seamlessly mix-and-match lists from different sources, creating a personalized viewing experience. The feature allows users to reorder and customize their lists, showcasing the flexibility Direct Mode brings to organizing and accessing media content.

   Additionally, Direct Mode incorporates a powerful direct search option. Searches are sent directly to the server, providing fast and always up-to-date results, especially for the most recently added titles. Users can easily adjust the search scope to switch between different servers, streamlining the process of finding specific content with minimal effort.

   Compared to Library Mode, which combines multiple sources into a single library and offers more robust offline browsing, Direct Mode prioritizes faster updates from the server and maintains a smaller storage footprint on the device. Infuse 7.7 also introduces a feature for Plex users with a Plex Pass, allowing the skipping of intros, credits, and commercials during playback using timestamp information provided by Plex. Direct Mode comes enabled by default for new media server connections, and existing shares can be switched to Direct Mode through the Edit screen, providing users with flexibility in choosing the mode that best suits their preferences and library size.

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