Have a Site In A File

   Web-based apps have been around for a long time and we have gotten used to see them in all walks of life. If you ever wondered how to make one, you could start with some HTML code and go from there on the road to some highly capable app working with a database of its own. Web apps usually rely on a main server to access a database. Let’s imagine for a second that you are a teacher and wish to send a test to your students but you don’t have a website where you could publish it. Well, if the test is created in HTML5 (there are plenty of “generators” of tests in HTML format) and you have all the files invoved in the project saved in one folder, you could use SiteInFile to generate a portable executable file that you could distribute to your students. There is a warning though – executable files could be easily infected by malware – so you might want to be careful where you publish or send it.

   The clear advantages here, in building a portable mini site in an executable file for Windows computers, are (among others) the ability to view the file without any required program (there is no need to install dedicated apps, like browsers with specific versions) and the protection of the (potentially) custom made files with programming code. As you may see in the screenshots, the app can be protected with a password and you can even set it to expire after a specific time, like days, months, years. You could obviously create e-manuals, photo-albums, e-Books, product presentations. If you think this app suits your needs, you can get it for $39 (buy once, have it forever – they don’t charge for upgrades).

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