Mail Me with Your eM Client

   Email is still very much relevant in today’s world, where instant messaging apps provide similar functionality, but with emphasis on texts that are usually not long and where you can’t really establish a professional working environment, unless it’s an app used for business purposes.

   em Client, with its now Windows 11 ready interface (rounded corners and all) has been on the software scene for years, providing businesses and home users alike with a customizable email client solution. These days, lots of home users have their email accounts set up on free email service providers and they use em Client with IMAP accounts. That offers pretty much another direct interface to manage your email messages. If you wish to have an archive of your emails (in case you switch email accounts or get new email accounts for your various needs) you can also choose POP3 – that way you can avoid deleting accidentally an email from the server as well. For the purpose of this review specific information has been blurred out from our screenshots in order to prevent unnecessary exposure of private data.

   A lot of spammers or even a lot of companies that use email as a means of delivering (possibly unwanted) news to users, use tiny pixels in the email html code, to track users and to collect data like the number of times a user has accessed that specific email message and potentially some other piece of information you may not be willing to share with other companies that have absolutely no respect for privacy laws, like GDPR. One of the specifically improved features of version 9 of em Client is to filter out such code from your emails.

   em Client encrypts your messages, settings and any data that is included in your email. You can even password protect em Client so that nobody can access your emails while you are away from your computer. You can set it up to create encrypted backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – you must create such backups on an external drive – you never know when your Windows OS could crash and, after you reinstall it again, you can get back to being productive with your email messages – you install the em Client app and restore the backed up database. Of course, these are just some of the features we enjoyed most, but you should go to the official website and find out more.

   At the moment, you can get the Pro version of the em Client for $49.95. As it says on the official site, NGOs, schools and universities are eligible for a 30% discount. If you only need it for personal usage and do not need the fancy features, you can use it for free as well.

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