Infuse your iPhone with Videos

   There are plenty of iPhone users out there who would love to have lots of videos they could watch offline, like music videos, funny clips or films with high specs in terms of video and audio quality.Infuse There are also websites or platforms that offer you most of these media items with streaming access – that generally means you only get to enjoy those as long as you have a monthly or yearly subscription. There are many websites that sell high quality media files – you pay once and the files are yours forever, no recurring fee. If you managed to buy a few videos or films like that, you may want to enjoy them on any device you own (depending on the laws in your country). If you own an iPhone and wisht to watch offline videos on the go, Infuse is the most recommended video player due to its versatility and plethora of features it has to offer.

   The app has reached version 7 and it can handle videos in pretty much any kind of format you “throw at it”. With Infuse you can watch standard MP4 videos by default, and if you have videos in other “exotic” formats (including – but not limited to – MKV, AVI, WMV, MTS, ISO, VOB, FLV, OGM, OGV, ASF, 3GP, DVR-MS, WebM, and WTV) or with custom (video) encoding – you have to purchase a cheap monthly or yearly subscription to watch such content: yes, continuous app development and decoder royalties are a thingwe need to encourage the app developers.

   Infuse offers a lot of information and subtitle download options for the movies in your database, so that you know what kind of content you can watch. There is even parental control on it – depending on the file name and metadata that is embedded in it, the app is good for young kids’ phones – the parents would be able to impose some restrictions based on age or content type.

   If you purchased media content (like movies) and you have it on your computer, the uploading on your iPhone is the easiest part. Make sure that your iPhone and your PC are on the same (Wi-Fi) network. Then go to settings, “Add files” and you will see a web address like http://yourphonename.local – enter that through any web browser on your computer and you should see the upload button right there. Use this web interface to upload any video content you wish to have on your iPhone. After you upload the media files, you can exit the “Add files” interface on your iPhone and go to the media library in the Infuse app. You should see the videos you uploaded there, ready for you to watch them. You will see your films in lists of thumbnails and in categories based on film type, like action, drama, science fiction and so on, so you could say this app is also a video catalog. You can also stream your videos to your bigger screens.

   As with many great apps, no matter the number of features, the main thing that attracts people is the user experience – and with this app, it’s a pleasant one. You don’t need to waste time converting your files to standard formats, just put the videos on your iPhone and use Infuse to enjoy them. As we have mentioned before, you can get a monthly or a yearly subscription for the app. You also have the option to purchase a lifetime license with a slightly higher price.

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