Educational Resources for Teachers (part 1)

   Depending on the area where you live, the possibilities for teachers to create e-learning materials hinge on a few factors. Most teachers are quite busy (if they do their job properly) and do not have much time for researching and developing solutions that might make their lessons more interesting and stimulating for students. Another limiting factor is the teachers’ digital literacy level – some of them may be more IT-skilled, others are focused on the creative side but lack IT skills. A common issue is the lack of access to some of the tools that may be used effectively to improve lesson content: a decent computer system that is set up efficiently and the necessary software to create e-learning content. Learners of today are (very) open to digital content for learning, especially if it has interactive features: they get involved in the instructional process, which means they learn faster in a meaningful way.

   In some regions of the world there is hardly any trace of (educational) technology and no possibilities for improvement, while other areas are filled with tech-advancements and highly developed cities where each student is encouraged to take advantage of the available resources for personal improvement and refinement. Some teachers may not be able to use new digital tools to publish great e-learning content, but “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Continue reading

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