PDF-XChange PRO – The Master of PDFs

   A lot of content created during the pandemic period by teachers (and other pro users who have to deal with documents on a daily basis) is required to have very high standards. PDF is easily the top-level file format that is widely accepted and used due to its specific advantages: it is a portable format that looks identical on the screen of each device that reads this format. While there are plenty of viewers for the PDF format, when it comes to quality content production, there are a few software solutions that provide typical options. The PDF-XChange PRO package suite not only offers PDF editing options but also offers a plethora of high-quality PDF content creation and handling options that no other app in this category offers for a very simple reason – it has a lot of extra features that are unique to this software suite, which is why you can’t find any real competition for it.

   PDF-XChange PRO can be a game-changer in the lives of many educational-content and professional content creators with the brilliant (and most likely unique in the PDF software world) feature of “sessions”. The “Sessions” feature is a major time-saver for pro users handling multiple PDF files at the same time, every single day, combined with the rest of the features like annotation tools, Enhanced OCR, and the extensive list of PDF export formats (all three document types – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint and 14 image file formats) makes PDF-XChange PRO a trendsetter in the list of PDF software apps. And that makes it even better than the Adobe Acrobat Pro (and Adobe Reader), the application that Adobe used to start the story of the PDF format in 1993. The attention to detail combined with the professional-grade level features for PDF processing makes PDF-XChange PRO a Swiss-Army knife of PDF production, processing, and editing.

   E-content creators, like teachers, bank clerks, secretaries, media enthusiasts (or any type of office worker) are the typical customers who would be primarily using this kind of software. We shall point out in this review the features that are most likely to attract the type of userbase mentioned above and we encourage you to explore the rest. The PDF-XChange PRO suite (version 8.0.343.0 in our review here) includes PDF-XChange Editor Plus (that comes with the Enhanced OCR plugin) – the main app for viewing and handling PDFs, PDF Tools – for batch processing of multiple PDF files, Office2PDF – a batch conversion utility for Microsoft Office apps and there is also an Addin for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (so that you can create PDFs directly from these apps) and then there is the PDF-XChange Standard PDF Printer – the PDF creation module in the suite. Continue reading

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