The iMazing Way to Manage your iPhone 13

   Apple products have been notorious throughout the years for their closed systems and specific limitations, even though the hardware design was impeccable in most cases. In 2021, we have the iPhone 13 (Pro Max) that has a LOT to offer in terms of user choices and customization with the help of iMazing. You can have your own personal logo uploaded with it and use it on the iPhone as a profile picture.

   Apple does recommend users to install and use iTunes, and that is not a bad choice. However, if you are a power-user and (especially) if you come from the Android world and have never owned an iPhone before, you need an app that can help you enjoy the things you used to do with your previous phone. Granted, it’s not as easy as drag and drop your media files into your gadget from the Windows explorer (if you are on a PC) – traditionally, up to this point, you needed the Apple app to convert your files to Apple “approved” formats – MP4 for videos and AAC for audio before you could add them to your iPhone library. iMazing is the app which changes that – it is the specialized tool that helps you put your media files on your iPhone (to customize it) and enjoy them as you wish.

   How does that work exactly? Well, let’s start with something relatively simple. Let’s assume some of us have gotten used to a specific ringtone and we want it on all our phone devices. If it’s in a lossless format, like FLAC, you’re in luck – you can use iMazing to add it to the Ringtones list on your phone. Amazingly, the current generation of iPhones are capable of reading FLAC audio files without any issues. So, after adding your files to your ringtones list, you can go to the phone settings, sound and haptics and there you can select the ringtones you added for the various notification options in the list.

   You can use iMazing to add your media files in a similar fashion: audio and (MP4) video files to your library, and you can do the same for image files. Normally, you could very well use the iPhone audio player, but if you want more configuration options and to tweak the sound a bit, you could always use Neutron Player – one of the best apps for (lossless) audio files and music listening sessions.

   If your videos are in the MP4 format (with simple codecs), you can use the iPhone’s TV app to view them. Most videos you may have on your computer these days are most likely in this format. If you happen to have video files in other formats, you could always use a free software tool like VidCoder to convert them to MP4 videos with stereo sound – as the current iPhone models have stereo speakers.

   iMazing is compatible with iOS 15 and offers other tools as well: you can import and export contact lists in Excel, CSV and VCard formats. You can also backup your messages, profiles, files that have been added to apps from your iPhone and transfer data to a new iPhone. Clearly, it’s a must-have tool for any iPhone user. At the moment you can get it for $34 for a single device, and you have cheaper options if you plan to get it for multiple Apple devices that you may need to manage.

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