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Old 02-15-2017, 12:25 AM
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Lightbulb Windows 10 Manager – The Most Recommended Tweaking Tool

      Windows 10 is the latest iteration of the famous operating system made by Microsoft. It does come with a new interface when compared to Windows 7 or older versions. However, the default set of options and settings may not create the appropriate environment for an efficient workflow. Many users want to have the power to customize their experience and having access to such tweaks in one place is very convenient. It is very true that many custom settings require a few registry-edits, digging through options in a deep cluster of settings panel. This is where Windows 10 Manager comes in: with more than 48 tools combined in a single interface, neatly sorted by usage scenarios. You can perform advanced tweaks to your Windows 10 OS without having to worry about untested experimental or complex tweaks to get the results you need. Some of the screenshots below are self-explanatory – each tool is built for a specific purpose.
      The first tab has a set of tools that either offer various types of information on your PC system or have some specific fixes for the entire system: System Restore, Process Manager, 1-Click Cleaner, System Information, Repair Center and the Optimization Wizard. Technicians who offer daily assistance on desktop PCs will certainly appreciate them. Windows 10 Manager is one of the applications that a user should install on a PC system right after system drivers – so that any of the user favorite tweaks should be ready for applying right away. The Process Manager and the Repair Center may probably be used more often than the rest of the apps on the list in this tab.

      The second tab has tools meant for improving the speed and efficiency of your system. These tools do require a bit of “technical-know-how”, or better yet “know-what-it-is-for”. In the scenario of a fresh installation of Windows OS on a computer, after installing the system drivers, the users start installing various programs, but with the experience gained by testing out the apps, many knowledgeable users will figure out which apps need to have a startup with Windows and which ones don’t. Many of such applications make such entries in the startup registry just to be available to the user faster upon boot, while others just slow the system down upon boot up. If you already registered a program (for example), you do not need it to keep reminding you that you also wish to go on the official site on every start up and search for additional apps. The Startup Manager can also help dealing with malware infection traces that load upon system start – with some experience, it is relatively easy to identify the culprits and delete them from the list. The computer security suites can only do so much these days – some malware apps leave startup traces in the registry that need to be removed. If you have specific programs that you would like to run at specific moments, use the Task Scheduler. If you are a very knowledgeable technician and know that certain services do not need to run on your system, you can disable them with Service Manager.

      The third tab deals with the “digital garbage” on PC systems – it features a Disk Analyzer for figuring out what is taking up too much space on your hard drive; a Smart Uninstaller - which complements the actual Windows Programs and Features system tool very well and in some cases it works even better by offering detailed info about all installed apps – this can also help dealing with bloatware (unnecessary, usually trial-version software) that usually comes preinstalled on new PCs; and there are also tools for cleaning up duplicate files, junk files. What we really enjoyed is the fact that you can even uninstall Windows apps on Windows 10 and there’s even a Component Store Cleaner – that may be very useful if your C drive is not very big and runs on a small SSD. The other tools that we liked are the Registry Cleaner and Registry Defrag – aimed at cleaning old and useless registry entries and optimization of system speed. This tool actually works much better than many other famous registry cleaner solutions out there and you don’t have to worry about messing your system up.

      The fourth tab in the Windows 10 Manager interface works on the OS interface – the appearance of many items can be customized to look much better. With the Custom System tool you can tweak your desktop shortcuts to look like Apps on Android. It shows that he developers paid attention to what users liked and made a great collection of tweaks over the years. Many apps leave silly traces like right-click menu entries, even though they are uninstalled – this is where Context Menu Manager can help by removing unwanted items. The Visual Customizer brings refinements to the general look of Windows and OEM builders will particularly enjoy the OEM Information tab where they can input their details. The Windows apps Settings will be particularly useful for those who use apps from the Windows Store.

      The security of Windows 10 is improved when compared to previous versions, but having an extra set of tools in the fifth tab of Windows 10 Manager is even better: the System Security tool offers plenty of options. With the other tools here, you can lock your system to prevent unwanted access, keep your drives, folder or files private, get rid of sensitive data, and recover deleted files. You can also backup system drivers – to have them ready in case of a Windows reinstall – by using the Other Security tool, in the Backup tab – your mileage may vary – you will definitely need to have some hard drive space for the backup: this tool creates folders for every single driver in your system and they are stored in uncompressed form – so that drivers are easy to add to the system later on by using the Windows Device Manager feature (add drivers from a folder) – in our test computer the uncompressed drivers required about 6GB of space.

      The network tools help you manage the Internet connection and network settings, you even have some tweaks for Edge (the relatively new - by now - browser from Microsoft) and Internet Explorer (if you still use it). What we liked was that you have an IP Switcher tool that can be particularly useful in a scenario when you have a laptop that you take with you to various places where you have to connect to the Internet with specific settings in your IP address – some corporations add a layer of security by allocating a specific IP address to each computer and when you have to switch automatically from a work environment to the network you have set up at home this nifty tool does the trick – you should spend your time being productive, you don’t have to go into IP settings every time you connect to the Internet (we took the liberty to blur out our sensitive data in the screenshot). The Host Editor can be used to block certain requests of some apps for Internet access – particularly when you suspect them of leaking unwanted data. The Wi-Fi manager assists you in sorting out your wireless connections and you can even backup your connections – just in case you have to reinstall Windows and you need to restore your multiple-connections settings.

      The Miscellaneous Utilities has another task scheduler but this one is aimed at the user who wishes to add specific details to customized tasks. The File Splitter can be used to split large files in specific sizes so that they can be conveniently stored on CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs by using BurnAware (that we reviewed some time ago). The Registry Tools in this tab of Windows 10 Manager are different from those in the cleaning tools tab. You have a Registry Finder - if you are looking for a specific piece of information. The Registry Jumper can be used to get to a specific path location in the registry if you are performing manual tweaks: if you find some guide on the Internet of a Windows issue being fixed by performing some registry modification – this tool helps you get faster to the required registry location. And while you are at it, make sure you use the Backup Registry feature first and, in case of a failure, you can use the Restore Registry to get back to the previous functional configuration. The Windows Utilities is mostly a list of shortcuts to the most useful Windows applications that may help you further tweak your setup.

      Here’s the part that we usually enjoy most in our reviews: the experimental part – we used the Super Copy tool to copy 2 files from a folder to another folder, with PrimoCache (that we also reviewed some time ago) enabled. We used 2 archive files: a 2.4GB one and a 2.5GB one to test out the speed of Super Copy. It was so fast that we barely had time to screenshot the console window that came up. For details have a look at the screenshots below.

      Windows 10 Manager is a must-have in the toolset of any technician offering desktop support. You can get it for $30 and you can use it on two computers with a 2-year subscription, which is a good deal: you get many great tools to set up your computer the way you like it. We would not recommend other tweaking tools for Windows as much as this one.

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