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Arrow Passcape Windows Password Reset Advanced Edition - version 7.1.0

      We enjoy seeing apps we reviewed some time ago having a nice development and such is the case of Passcape’s Windows Password Reset Advanced Edition: you can read our initial review here. We got involved and suggested some ideas to the developer and they were implemented. The Windows Password Reset Tool was already one of the best coded apps, but now it has new features. In this article we will show what is new and hot.

      The first thing we noticed right away is the File Explorer tool that can become very useful when you wish to save files from a system that does not boot up properly – you can save all your important by copying them to an external hard drive or portable memory drive. One of the issues of modern computers with Windows 10 is that that Microsoft encourages many users to use their e-mail address as a login factor – and on such systems, if the user somehow forgets the password, then access to personal files is seriously hindered. In such a case, you could use the new version of Passcape’s Windows Password Reset Advanced Edition, version 7.1.0, to reset the password and if that does not work, you can easily add a new administrator user to the system on which you wish to regain access, as you can see in the screenshots below

      You can decide the role of the new users and you can use this tool even on a Windows Server environment. You can even recover passwords from e-mail clients and Internet browsers. An additional new feature – and we certainly tested it – is that Passcape’s Windows Password Reset has support for the new Windows 10 Creators Update – and it can be used on systems that were either upgraded or were installed from scratch with this new version of Windows.

      This shows that the software development of this piece of software is quite active and it keeps up with the new versions of Windows. Since it is an application that we trust, and it is very well coded and designed, we believe that at the moment, it may as well be considered the best tool for unlocking your personal computer when you forget the password.

- the light version for $45 which is good enough for simple home users
- the standard version for $145 which has all the features without the Active Directory modules
- the advanced version (that we recommend to all IT Tech support staff in corporate environments) for $345

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