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Xenon 03-23-2017 11:23 PM
As far as watching films on DVD on a PC goes back in PC multimedia history, PowerDVD has had a special place: it has always been the go-to player for original (genuine) video media content. It has had a rather interesting evolution and in its new version it can offer playback for most of the legit audio-video formats out there....
Xenon 02-15-2017 01:25 AM
Windows 10 is the latest iteration of the famous operating system made by Microsoft. It does come with a new interface when compared to Windows 7 or older versions. However, the default set of options and settings may not create the appropriate environment for an efficient workflow. Many users want to have the power to...
Xenon 01-22-2017 02:00 PM
The storage device can paradoxically be one of the slowest components in a PC, which is why users from both corporate and home environments look for ways of improving the reading and writing speed of the storage drives. Yes, we know it’s rather a bold title for a review but as far as we researched, it beats other solutions out...
Xenon 12-29-2016 10:08 PM
E-mail messages have been around since 1971. Ever since people needed to handle the e-mails privately on their own computers, e-mail clients have gained a wide popularity due to the fact that in the early beginnings of the Internet, when the connections were not stable, (relatively) cheap or fast like most countries have today,...

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